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>>  Standard pile driver: $5995

> >  NEW! Galvanized Pile Driver: $6395


Welcome to GDB West Coast Sales web site specializing in Pile driver Sales. We Manufacture

high-quality marine pile drivers (they drive up to 3,200 pound

                 Piling). We also manufacture Power winches and have a partner

that manufactures Steel Marine Barges.

******  Money savings on pile driver sales*******

Labor Saving    Time Saving    More efficient   Reliable


Put a lot more PROFITS to your bottom line,

If you install piling from a barge you can’t afford not to have

a Colton 890 Dual Action Pile DriverAll that you need to

do is jet your piling in to stabilize and then place your pile

driver on top of the piling, turn on the air

(95-100 PSI at 24 to 30 CFM). In this range our pile driver operates

at 40 to 55 strokes per minute for maximum efficiency and

then observe piling being driven to your described depth.  No

more barge moving or rocking up and down each time you lift

your drop hammer pile driver to drive your piling in to it correct

depth.  Our Colton 890 Dual Action Pile Driver will pay for its

cost in just a few jobs in labor and time savings.

All you need to do to operate our pile driver is connect it to air

Compressor (Producing 95 to 100 PSI and from 24 to 30 CFM)

And raise it with your boom or winch atop your piling, then set

On top of piling , then turn on the air and watch it drive your piling.

Our pile driver weighs approximately 1,000 pounds and sets over the

top of your piling to be driven to depth you chose.

We have manufactured our pile driver for over 11 years and have

 sold them from Maine to Florida, West coast,Gulf Coast, Great

Lakes, 21 States in all, Caribbean, Alaska and Canada. We will gladly

provide you with address and phone number from satisfied customers who have used our pile driver sales services.

We hope we can be of service to you and your company – if you like you can contact us anytime.

Colton 890 Dual Action Pile Driver
Colton 890 Dual Action Pile Driver
BMV Power Winch
BMV Power WInch