Our BMW Winch has been newly UP GRADED!!

BMW Power Winch
BMW Power Winch

Produced since 1988

  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction
  • 5.5 Horsepower engine
  • (4) Bolt mounting on bottom.
  • Four-stroke Honda engine.
  • Lift capacity 1,000 pounds.
  • Gear ratio 6 to 1, Gear reduction overall
  • Weight 200 pounds.
  • Reel friction plate with cog on lift.
  • Lift has free fall if needed. Ideal for pile driving.
  • Sturdy to lock is easy to use
  • Spool is set up to hook cable to it.

Click on the gallery to see the easily threaded spool and to lock systems.

Our winch is easy to use and the aluminum and stainless steel construction makes it resistant to rust – perfect for saltwater locations. Designed to fit on our steel barge, the winch is compact and can be used on any flat surface: dock, land, barge, trailer or pick-up bed. The four bolt mounting system allows it to be easily secured.


The BMW Power Winch cost is: $4,995.00,

Plus shipping, taxes and duties.
Ask us about international shipping!