COLTON 890 Dual-Action Galvanized Pile Driver

NEW: Galvanized Pile Driver !!!

Made especially for salt water pile driving

Colton 890 Dual Action Galvanized Pile Driver

Features Include:

    • Galvanized
    • Height: 4’ 6”
    • Weight: 1,000 Pounds
    • Stroke: 8”
    • Air-driven (with only 95-100 PSI)
    • Requires (Only 24 to 30 CFM)
    • Fits over top of piling
    • 40 – 55 strokes per minute
    • Air hose fittings D,O,T. certified
    • Hoses UV Protected
    • Drives up to 12 Diameter, wood, plastic, concrete or steel piling.


  • If your piling is larger than 12” in diameter we offer adapters, in 2” increments up to 20”). The adapters cost only $350 each -see gallery for example.

Pile Driver Benefits:

Galvanized to drastically slow down rust

    • No more rocking barge to operate pile driver on pilings
    • Handles on side to guide pile driver or when needed.
    • Cut time and money when driving piling with the


Colton 890 Dual Action Pile Driver.

  • Delivers 2,350 Foot-Pounds per stroke to top of piling.

Our pile drivers are simple to use. Just mark piling for depth you want it driven, then turn on the compressor to your pile driver. Driven at 40 to 55 strokes per minute your new pile driver does the work efficiently and to the depth you need to complete the job.
Our pile drivers will drive piling up to 3,200 pounds.

The Colton 890 Dual Action Galvanized Pile Driver Cost is

$6,995.00 USD

Plus freight and any taxes and/or duties applicable

Ask us about international shipping!